Tuesday, September 23, 2008

soundtripping: one day

one day is a song i first heard as a theme song to a radio drama i was listening to a few months ago. since it's an old song, it took me quite some time to find out its title and singer until i heard it played over 774, an AM oldies radio station. the version they played was that of vilma valera, a filipino actress/singer during the 1960's.

one day was originally sung by sandie shaw. she's one of the most successful female british singers back in the 1960's and was noted for her singing barefoot onstage. (kinda like bamboo singing with his back to the audience when he was still with rivermaya.) the song was written by chris andrews, a singer-songwriter in the same decade who also wrote other hit songs for sandie shaw. it was released in 1965 in shaw's second album, me. (source: wikipedia)

one thing i could truly say about one day is that it's riveting. the haunting music and lyrics coupled with shaw's dusky-sweet vocals makes the song very heartfelt. (i dunno if it's just me, but i think we don't get a lot of songs like that nowadays.)

just hit play. enjoy! =)

note: in addition to food and travel, i'll make my posts on music a regular fixture in this here blog. =)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

pasig river ferry sights

previously, i've ridden the ferry at night time so there wasn't much to be seen, save from the well-lighted malacanang palace and the bridges (jones bridge, macarthur/sta.cruz bridge, quezon bridge, ayala bridge, etc.). as for the rest of the trip (from escolta to guadalupe)... it's dark save for the occasional twinkle of lights from factories and some shanties that dot both banks of the pasig river.

a few weeks ago though, i was able to ride the ferry again, this time during the day. this time around, i did not inconvenience myself. and i made sure i got off at the right station. lol.

here are some of the pics my bro took from a point-and-shoot camera (from inside the ferry).

quezon bridge

at some point during the ride (where there are shanties such as this one), we suddenly heard something hit the right-side window of the ferry hard. we looked back and saw a group of kids trying to throw rocks at the ferry. one got a direct hit, which resulted in a dent at the window. i kid you not. so if you see a dent in the right-side window towards the back of the ferry, then that's what i rode. seriously though, something has to be done in order to protect the ferries from being damaged.

i'm the king of the pasig river!!!

passengers alighting from an outrigger boat.

makati mahalin natin... atin ito!

old oil depot at rockwell

looks like people at first glance

so that's it for my first daytime pasig river ferry ride. though there isn't much to see, i kind of liked it. better during the day than at night, though riding at night does have its charms, especially when the bridges are lighted up. then again, more work needs to be done in cleaning up the river and its banks in order to prevent damages. if the person who threw the rock at the ferry was bigger and stronger, the rock might have cracked the window or worse, broke it.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

pig face

this cute pig-faced bun caught my attention while walking along ongpin street. it's sold on a stall outside MXT (maxim's tea house) for P23. as i'm a bread person, i bought one and wasn't disappointed. the bun is filled with yummy pork asado (with no taba, may i add), and the bun itself is a bit sweet and has a nice chewy-ooey bite to it as well. its eyes are raisins. isn't this pig face just cute? love, love, love it. =)

pardon the plastic lol. =)

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

paalam, tiya dely

hindi ako makapaniwala. wala na si tiya dely magpayo.

si tiya dely ang isa sa mga idol ko sa radyo.

simula nung high school ako pinakikinggan ko na yung programa niya sa radyo na "ang mga liham kay tiya dely" at "ang tangi kong pag-ibig." walang humpay ang pakikinig ko sa mga programang iyon sa dzrh pwera lang kung may pasok ako noon. minsan pa nga naisip kong magpadala ng sulat sa kanya pero wala naman akong makukuwentong mabigat na problema o di kaya naman patungkol sa pag-ibig.

hindi ba't bagay na bagay ang pangalan niya sa kanyang ginagawa? kung napakinggan niyo yung "ang mga liham kay tiya dely," alam niyo kung paano magbigay ng payo si tiya dely sa mga letter sender niya---diretsahan at walang takot kahit ang ibig sabihin nun ay pagsasabihan niya yung letter sender. (yun ay kung walang sentido kumon yung tao lang naman). limampu't limang taon na ang programang ito at hanggang sa huli marami pa ring nakikinig at nagpapadala ng sulat.

sa halos pitumpung taon niya sa radyo, marami na siyang natanggap na mga gawad-parangal. ganoon siya kagaling.

dahil sa pakikinig ko sa mga programa ni tiya dely, lalo akong nahasa sa pananagalog ko. nakatulong rin ito nang malaki sa bago kong trabaho ngayon. nagkaroon ako ng pagkakataong mapakinggan ang mga awitin ng ilan sa mga pilipinong mang-aawit tulad nina ric manrique at sylvia la torre. (marami pang iba pero sa ngayon di ko maalala ang mga pangalan nila). at higit sa lahat, lalo ko ring napahalagahan ang ating kultura.

nakalulungkot mang isipin na wala na si tiya dely, siguradong maraming magagandang alaala siyang naiwan sa mga kasamahan niya sa radyo at lalo sa kanyang mga tagapakinig. isa na ako doon.

with apologies to my foreign blogfriends who might be reading this post. i felt i should write this post in filipino in respect to tiya dely magpayo, one of the most respected radio personalities here in the philippines who just passed away due to stroke. TT_TT she's one of the people in the industry i look up to and she has even made a difference in my life, tho she doesn't know it. you can read the news item about her passing here.