Sunday, April 22, 2012


arabela cafe came highly recommended as the place to dine in liliw by tahanan ni aling meding's helpful and friendly desk clerks. so what are we to do, but to take their word for it?

the interior of arabela is a delightful sight to behold upon entering. lovely paintings and vintage photos decorate the walls, kitschy items adorn the tables and ice cream counter (you just gotta love the cute stuffed gingerbread doll topper and the carousel!). sorry no photos of them because at this point, we are more interested in the eats that we're going to... well, eat. ;p 

it was love at first bite.

seafood pasta

cute decor. just gotta love that gumball bottle topped with the stuffed snowman. :)

pasta pancetta. pasta with just enough pancetta to fill the palate, and parmesan that doesn't overwhelm the overall flavour. basil gives it a cool contrast to the light saltiness of the dish.

green salad with pecan crusted chicken served with caesar dressing.

four-cheese pizza. nice thin crust pizza with just the right crunch to it. i like cheese, but sometimes it can be overwhelming so i put some hot sauce. arabela's hot sauce (the one pictured with the snowman) has a hint of lime. dee-lish!

the prices are very affordable; they range from 100 to 250 at most. the pasta is good for at least 2 people, and the salad good for 4.


503 rizal st. liliw, laguna
proprietors: bobby and tonet camello
tel. nos: (049) 5632495 / (049) 5730692
closed on mondays except holidays


  1. ayos love at first bite... nakakatakam tignan.. :D

  2. mimi! how are ya? :) words fail me sa pagdescribe ng food pero super sarap talaga.

  3. i'm good... it's more fun in the philippines.... ^_^
    you? like ko kasi din ang mga pasta and bread.


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