Monday, April 27, 2009

wet sneakers

i know i haven't blogged in here for quite some time; my brain is so fried and add to that, haven't gone food tripping nor had any misadventures in a while so no postable posts. (u blogfriends who are also my facebook friends know what's up tho) heheh. but i knew i had to post this one. it's been raining since the second week of april up until now, which is a very strange thing to happen as it's still supposed to be SUMMER. ok, i just can't accept the fact that the weather is like the rainy season, which is supposed to start by the last week of may. apparently the rainy season has made an early start. so much for my tan lines.

as it rained for the nth time this SUMMER, my beloved old, dilapidated travel buddy (aka chuck taylors) took in water once again while i was walking home from the office last monday. am just glad i didn't sink from all that rainwater. heheh. however, the squish-squish of my sneakers wasn't a fun feeling.

why do i insist on wearing my old pair of chucks when i already have a new pair to destroy, err, enjoy? well, the old ones feel the most comfy. yes, even when water seeps in.

the water seeped in more at the front than at the back. the watermarks are visible inside, on the side down to the heels. and oh, look how worn out the sneakers are. que horror!!! LOL

'til my next misadventure! ciao!

Friday, April 03, 2009

soundtripping: till

i first heard this song in a radio drama i used to listen to, about 12 years ago already. it has such a sad melody (that's why it's used in the most dramatic moment of the radio soap opera), but i love it. the song is performed in 1957 by roger williams and percy faith (separately, as instrumentals). in 1961 the american girl group the angels had til as their first hit.

other artists who recorded this song are as follows: shirley bassey, tony bennett, maureen evans, the vogues, bobby vinton, dorothy squires, and tom jones. (source: wikipedia)

press play!

till - roger williams

lyrics: (Words and Music by Pierre Buisson (original french lyrics, Charles Sananes, and Carl Sigman, english lyrics)

Till the moon deserts the sky
Till the all the seas run dry
Till then I'll worship you

Till the tropic sun turns cold
Till this young world grows old
My darling, I'll adore you

You are my reason to live
All I own I would give
Just to have you adore me

Till the rivers flow upstream
Till lovers cease to dream
Till then I'm yours, be mine