Friday, April 25, 2008

just breezin' through


i'll be posting again soon just dunno when. been going through a transition lately (a good one at that) so i won't be having that much time to blog. (awww shucks. have lots, btw.) anyways will still go bloghopping from time to time when i'll be able to go online.

see ya in yer blogs! :D

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

concert observations

in my lifetime (as if it's been that long), i've been to a grand total of three concerts: mandy moore (at the araneta coliseum in 2003), sarah brightman (harem world tour at the philsports arena in 2004) and swing out sister (beautiful mess), which was just last night, april 7, 2008, also at the araneta. here are a few observations i've made in last night's concert:

1. it took an hour and a half for swing out sister to go onstage. they were on after half an hour faith cuneta opened the show but for the record, the long wait was SO WORTH IT. two hours of SOS's music and energy weren't enough; we all wanted more! still enjoying a hangover here. =)

2. the antsy audience didn't take kindly at first to the front act, who was faith cuneta. the audience was waiting for 30 minutes already after the supposed start of the show when she came onstage. but because she's a really good singer (and stayed cheerful all throughout despite some acerbic remarks from some people), she got a sincere round of applause and cheers.

3. as with other foreign acts, the audience totally ate up corinne drewery's and andy connell's efforts to speak in tagalog: "kamusta na kayo?", "ang init pala dito," "ayos kayong lahat," and "salamat," just to name a few. i must say i liked that myself. =)

4. because the concert featured more songs from SOS's new album, beautiful mess, most of the people in the audience simply sat and grooved on their seats. maybe because the songs are relatively new...? but when they played surrender, you on my mind, breakout, forever blue, am i the same girl, and a couple more of their hits, that's when the audience really partied. especially on you on my mind. (i just love that song.) needless to say, the songs from the new album exuded the same style SOS had in their songs from way back that had endeared them to their listeners--plus more.

5. oh yeah, corinne drewery's "barongette" (her feminine version of a barong) looked great on her. it's long that it looks like a gown with slits on each side. she pulled off that one very well.

i'm sure that even with the long wait, the people who watched the concert last night left araneta coliseum feeling very satisfied and happy. swing out sister's concert was definitely a big success. 21 years after the release of breakout, swing out sister's definitely still swinging out their groove. =)

photo source

update: here's a promotional video of something every day, the first track in their new album beautiful mess.

Monday, April 07, 2008

blast to the past

i would just like to share a couple of songs that's been riding on my earwaves (yes, you read right hehehe ü) lately. these songs are by the ink spots circa 1930's. if i didn't care was written by jack lawrence and was released in 1939. it was also the ink spots' first big hit. i'm not sure though when maybe was released. anyways, i hope you enjoy these songs.

just hit play =)