Wednesday, September 26, 2007


that's for a lack of ideas for a title. anyways... it wasn't until i was in the office when i felt around in my pocket for my money and felt... nothing.

stupid me, i opted to wear capris instead of jeans where my money is. actually i intended to get the money but since i was already running late, it totally escaped my mind, so...

i frantically looked in my bag to see if there was any loose change and thank God, there is. 44 pesos and fifteen centavos, to be exact. good thing i didn't take that coin purse out of my bag.

but P44.15? how am i gonna survive with that? that isn't enough for a decent meal from 7-11 (hey, that's the only place where i can buy food at the moment), let alone my mrt and jeepney fare afterwards (unless i walk instead).

so what did i do?

i borrowed money from my officemate instead with the promise that i'll pay her back tomorrow and after making sure she still has money left over for her fare home :-)

my gahd, i hope i'll never do that again.

for the record? i don't use a wallet except when i travel. it's so much easier for me to cram my money in my pants pocket. it's easier for me and yes, some pickpocket or bag slasher would be disappointed. hah-ha!

Friday, September 21, 2007

el cheapo gimmicks 1

so you think you can't spend a hundred pesos or less on a gimmick? well, friday nights out need not be expensive! for those who are trying to save money (or are just real cheapskates ;P), here are some tips to have fun without worrying about the weight of your pocketbook.

1. eat in a fastfood resto. ooooh, yeah, that really came out great, didn't it? but hey, not all fast food restos need not be expensive like mcdonald's to have a full tummy. (sorry mcdo, i love you lots but my budget ain't enough for your mouthwatering double cheeseburger meal at the moment.) anyway, my friend lay was craving for chinese food that's affordable, so where do we go? chowking. yeah! ;-P as everybody probably knows, chowking offers a range of items below 70 pesos like their noodles, congee, dim sum, etc. no, this ain't a promotion.

here's what we ordered:
moi: meatballs congee P30
lay: beef wanton noodles classic P68
heidz: wanton noodles spicy P46
lei: beef wanton noodles spicy P68

can you guess who's the most kuripot of us all? ;-)

2. want to sing your hearts out at a ktv but can't coz of a tight budget? well, never fear, worlds of fun is here! *applause, applause* for only about P60 (sorry my memory fails me here but i'm sure it's about that price), you can get not just ten, but TWELVE tokens! the two extra tokens are actually free when you buy ten tokens, so how cool is that? and so, we got to sing twelve songs despite the fact that the ktv rules allows people to sing ten songs max only. i think the attendant was so entranced by our beauty that's why ok gag me now. and no, this is NOT a promotion.

let's say the bag of ten tokens is really 60 pesos, divided by 4, that's P15 each. add that to what we ate earlier, that still is below a hundred pesos. galing! üüü

so there you have it, folks. tune in next time for more el cheapo gimmicks. ;-)

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

usapang MRT

some blah entry that i found on my old friendster blog, posted on 3 august 2005. (original title: a funny thing happened on the way home)

well, at least for me it was funny. as usual, the people were packed in the mrt train like sardines. i felt sorry for my big box of cinnabon cinnamon rolls (six pieces, by the way) that's almost crushed by... well, the crush of people.

there was this girl who stood behind me while waiting for the train, and she also stood behind me in the train. and when the train made a lurch... she grabbed my shoulder for support or else she will tumble backwards. i found the situation so funny that i started to laugh. the girl apologized, and if i didn't feel awkward to say something, i would. but what would i say, anyway? "hey, ok lang yan. you can just hold on to my shoulder pag umandar o mag brake yung tren." HUH?! i also decided not to ask her what station she'll be getting off. here's one thing: she ruined my tough girl mode in that ride home.

so i suffered in silence punctuated with the silent shoulder shaking laugh whenever the train arrives and leaves a station. fortunately for me cubao station was only two stations away from ortigas, so you can just imagine my relief when the train arrived at cubao. *whew* i don't know how i would survive if i went a station or two further with the girl hanging on every time.

my cinnamon rolls survived, by the way. but i did not survive the sugar shock that followed right after i ate one.