Tuesday, December 07, 2010

soundtripping: she & him

it's been so long since i posted a soundtripping post. so folks, here's another really great indie band i've just stumbled upon today: she & him, consisting of zooey deschanel and m. ward.

if the name zooey deschanel rings a bell, it's because she's also an actress. she starred (and sang) in the movies elf and yes man. she and m. ward met on the set of the go-getter, where they sang a duet that was played at the end credits of the movie (zooey also acted in the said movie). afterwards zooey sent demos of her music to ward, who, after listening to them, contacted her and said that he wanted to record her songs properly. that's when the band she & him was formed. (source: wikipedia)

words just fail me in describing just how awesome she & him's music is, so i'll just let you hit the play button and hear for yourself. here are two of my favorites.

from the very moment i heard the first few notes of this song the first time, it immediately made me smile. :-)

this is the first song of she & him that i listened to. it has a 60's vibe to it, and the beat just makes you bop your head to the music.

there are lots more of their songs that i've already grown to love. well, what else can i say? this band just made it to my permanent playlist. :-)

fb friends, click here and here to watch the vids :)