Thursday, February 12, 2009

girls just wanna have fun...

in salcedo village. hwehwehwe. ;-)

My friends F and T and I finally had our night out at Salcedo Village in Makati last 31 January after months of planning. As F is the one who is the most familiar with the area, she became our official tour guide. Battle plan, in this order: Hang out at Salcedo Park, dinner, and then have chocolate cake at Alexa’s Deli. But because Salcedo Park was still full of kids (we wanted the swings to ourselves. Hah.), we decided to have dinner first. Hungry as we were, we set our sights on the first restaurant we saw: (Aum) New Bombay Food Inc.

If I ever want good Indian food that’s within a reasonable budget, New Bombay’s it. New Bombay is located along H.V dela Costa St. in Salcedo Village. The place is quite small, with Indian carpets/rugs hung on the wall making up the ambience. Ambience notwithstanding, the food sure lived up to our expectations. (If you’re already hungry, the ambience doesn’t matter much anymore heheh.) Customers can choose to have their dishes mild or really spicy depending on their tastes. As for us, we had our Cheesy Chicken Masala and Shrimp Curry mild, while the potato and cauliflower dish was spicy. For our carbo, we had chapatti, which looks like a tortilla. For all our orders we paid P600. Not bad at all, and add to that the fact that we were full (but not too full for chocolate cake!).

before: chapatti, shrimp curry, potato and cauliflower dish (not pictured: cheesy chicken masala)

after!!! (the one in the foreground are the remains of the cheesy chicken masala. we were too hungry to remember to take a before pic of it lol)

T and I have heard so many praises from F about Alexa’s chocolate cake that this was the one we looked forward to the most. Unfortunately there wasn’t any chocolate cake left at Alexa’s that night, so we consoled ourselves that there would BE a next time. So instead, we bought vanilla cones from Mini Stop at P15 each.
we'll be back, alexa. :D

We went back to the park to see if the kids have already gone, but what do you know, there were more kids than ever. I mean, wasn’t it supposed to be their bedtime already? (it was around 8pm-ish.). We went on the swings for a bit, and then decided at the spur of the moment to go to Top Grill KTV along Jupiter St. At P75 per hour/head, it's already a steal. We sang to our hearts’ content for about two hours tops, and I think just a little bit more to the point where the attendant came for us about four times to tell us to get the heck out of the booth. Lol!

All in all we spent a little more than P400 for each of us for the resto and videoke combined. Just a regular spending for a regular Friday night out, I think.

Salcedo Park. 11-ish PM. Finally. Just a smattering of kids here and there. Yesz! We practically had the whole playground to ourselves. We even found a couple of kiddie playmates who showed T and me how to slide down the fireman’s pole. And just try swinging as high as you can, so high you could almost touch the sky. Ahh, yes. To feel young again. Fun, fun, fun! I’ll now indulge you to a vid of some pics we’ve taken at the park. :-)